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7 Amazing Eyeshadow Hacks


Eye makeup is the trickiest part of the makeup application for it takes a lot of practice and demands dedication. To create a perfect subtle eye look, you have to be an eyeshadow expert. Makeup artists with years of experience can create any eye makeup look making eyes bigger, lifted, or youthful. The practice is the key to becoming a pro. But along with that, there is one more thing that is just as important. It’s the smart play with whatever you are doing or experimenting. In other words, hacks are the smart ways to achieve desired results.

There are plenty of interesting eyeshadow hacks that are amazingly helpful and make the eye makeup process simple and easy. The eyeshadow tips and hacks are not really handy but also save you a lot of time and money. Listed below are some wonderful eyeshadow hacks to mitigate the nuisances you face while putting on eye makeup.

1) Use Eye Primer

Primer is the most important product in the eye makeup process. It is the first pivotal step as per makeup professionals. It helps create a flawless eye makeup and prevents it from dying and creasing. Besides, primer is a must if you want your eye makeup to last longer.

2) Use Tape for Defined Shapes

Most of the people especially amateurs and beginners have trouble making a defined shape. But don’t freak out. Keep trying and keep experimenting. Take risks until you ace it. Practice with tape and use it to help you trace. With the help of the invisible tape, you can do a really good defined eye makeup.

Tape invisible tape from the outer corner of your lash to the edge of your brow. Take a brush with a round tip with lots of lightest color on the tip. Sweep it all over your lid to form a base. To create a crease, take a medium to dark color on your brush and move from the outer corner to inwards. Take off the tape after you are done applying shades and brush off the fallout. Finish off with liner, mascara and lashes.


3) The Right Brush is the Game-Changer

Brushes play a great a look in creating a flawless look. If you have the right brush, you can apply the products with precision. Avoid using those little foam wands that come in your eyeshadow palette. They are just awful and doesn’t give the god blending. You don’t need to spend a fortune on brushes, they are available at reasonable prices. To create a dramatic look, get short-haired, firm bristled brush with an angled flat edge. Soft synthetic brushes are amazing for blending.

4) Mascaras as an Eyeliner

You can double up the products by using them for the purpose they are not specified to perform. You can never run low on liner if you have your mascara. Whenever you do, simply take your liner brush and rub it over the mascara wand, and there you have it. Use it as a liquid liner and slay your eye makeup. It has to be among the economical eyeshadow hacks.

5) Bigger Eyes with Mascara

How you apply your makeup products creates a huge difference. Want to make your eyes look bigger? Mascara can do great wonders. Sweep your mascara towards your nose to create an illusion of bigger eyes. This makes the lashes look fuller and denser giving you the desired results.

6) Foundation to Prime your Eyelids

Another makeup product performing the double job is a foundation. If you ever run out of a primer, use the foundation instead to help your eye makeup stay in place. Although the foundation is not formulated in the same way yet you can use it as a substitute when needed. A tiny dot of any good foundation will suffice.

7) Ran out of Eyebrow Fillers? Use Eyeshadows

As long as you have black and brown shades in your eyeshadow kit, you are never compromising on your brows. Brows define the overall look and must not be overlooked. But what to do if you run out of brow fillers or brow pencils? The first thing you need to do is stay calm and keep your cool. There is no need to fret because your savior is right with you. Take your eyeshadow palette and use either black or brown shade as a stand-in brow filler. Pick the one that matches your eyebrow color to avoid a fake look. This is one of the best eyeshadow hacks where you double up the use of shades.

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