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5 Methods To Create The Right Anime Boy Makeup Looks


The privilege of makeup is not only for girls to enjoy. By all means, boys too have the right to look fresh and create the best looks. Thus, boys are completely eligible to go for the famous anime makeup. Besides, creating the right anime boy makeup is not that tough as well. 

Now, you must be thinking about how you can create the anime boy with black hair makeup? Whether you want to create the sad anime boy or the anime demon boy makeup, we will help you guys out. Here is a complete guide with numerous tips to create anime boy makeup. So, here we go. 

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Steps To Create The Right Anime Boy Makeup

The first thing we are going to tell you is how to create the right anime boy manga makeup. We have aligned five different methods to create the right anime boy makeup for you. Let us begin with the first one then. 

Part 1: Highlight And Contour The Face

Step 1: Highlight the areas of the face you want to feature in Anime Boy Makeup. 

The first step is simple. Just highlight the areas of the face that you think you want to feature in your anime boy makeup. If you go for a liquid highlighter, it will make the essential areas of the face more radiant. You should highlight the nose by going for a brush with a thin line down the nose bridge. Also, make sure that you fill in the area between your eyebrows with diagonal strokes. 

You should try to highlight the other areas as well. Make sure to color in the space between the lower eyelids and your upper cheekbones. Make sure to place a little bit around the nostrils and above the arches of the eyebrows. You need to make sure that your highlighter has two different shades in your skin tone. 

Step 2: Blend The Highlighters With The Fingers

The next step is to go for the highlighting with the fingers. You should either tap or massage the highlighter into the skin. One thing you should know is that you do not have to use extra force. Small areas around the nose can be easily handled by patting the makeup with a finger. But for the larger areas, you will have to rub the finger lightly up and down the highlighter area. 

Step 3: Contour The Face With A Foundation

The next step is to apply the foundation to the areas that you want to sculpt. To create the right anime boy makeup, you need to do this immediately. When it comes to the nose, you should brush on a liner down both your sides. You should use the darker foundation that is next to highlights on the bridge of your nose. 

Step 4: Blend the foundation with your fingers

The next step is similar to the second step. But this time, you will have a foundation instead of a highlighter in front of you. Pat the foundation down and rub it onto your skin. Your objective is to keep the lines soft so that the foundation you are using can blend in and can make it undetectable. 

Step 5: Cover The Darker Areas With Light-Colored Foundation

To create the right anime boy and girl makeup, it is important to cover the darker areas. Use a stippling brush to apply and blend the foundation in this second coating. You should dip the brush, a cotton ball, or a makeup sponge in the foundation. Make sure to tap the brush against the areas that you need to cover. 

Step 6: Pour Powder Over The Highlighted Areas

Using a powder is as important as highlighting. You should use a powder to reduce the unnatural skin glow various makeup techniques and makeup products can cause. Make sure that you get a powder that has a shade lighter than your skin tone. 

Step 7: Color The Face With A Bronzer

Coloring the face with the bronzer can be helpful. Bronzer can help you if you do not want to look pale. Make sure to get a bronzer that has two shades darker than your skin tone. With the help of your brush, you should follow the contour lines that you made earlier. You should use circular motions to blend the highlighter and the bronzer. 

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Part 2: Concealing The Dark Circles And Blemishes

Step 1: First Test The Concealer

The very first step for this tip is to test the concealer. If you want to make the right anime boy makeup looks, you need to make sure that you have the perfect products. Therefore, you must test the concealer on your arm or wrist. You should rub a little bit of the concealer on the skin. If it matches the skin, it can help in hiding the veins. A concealer that matches your skin will provide you with the best anime boy makeup looks. 

Step 2: Apply The Concealer Around The Blemish

Another step you should take is to dab the concealer near the blemished area. You can easily do this by directly going for the stick concealer. You can also use a finger or a brush as well. Just spread a small amount of the concealer around the border of the darkened area. Do not forget to add a small amount of concealer on the top of the raised blemishes. 

Step 3: Blend The Concealer With The Fingers

Take the fingertips and then tap them against the concealer. After this, you should gently rub the cream in the area. Make sure to keep a delicate touch when you are working around the painful blemishes. 


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Part 3: Fill The Eyebrows

Step 1: Brush The Eyebrows And Get Them In Shape

The first step of part three is to put your eyebrows in their shape. You should start from the center of the face. Use gentle strokes that help in drawing the hair upwards. Maintain the process and continue down to the thin part of your eyebrows. Once you have reached the end, you need to make sure that you brush to the side so that your brows can end in points. 

Step 2: Pluck The Eyebrows With Tweezers

The next step is to pluck the eyebrows with the help of tweezers. You should remove all the loose hair. Just grip the hair and pull them out one by one. You need to make sure that you work slowly because if you go at a faster pace, you might make your eyebrows thinner than you want them to be. 

Step 3: Fill The Eyebrows With a Brow Pencil

Filling the eyebrows with the help of a brow pencil is important. You just need to press the pencil gently against the brows. Make sure to find the place where your hair begins to slant towards the side of your head. You need to make short strokes to your side so that you can add color to the brows. 

Step 4: Make Sure to Hold The Hair In Place

The next step is to make sure that you hold the hair. You should dip the brush in the gel. After this, you should lightly stroke the brush along the brow. Also, try to drag the brush along the area of the hair that will slant towards the side of the face. 

Part 4: Using The Eyeliner

Step 1:  Draw A Line Under The Lower Lash

Make sure to draw a line under your lower lash. Using eyeliner is important if you want to create anime boy makeup. You should use a black eye pencil that will help you in tracing along the bottom of the eye. To get a better look, you should close the eye as well as color the eyelid. 

Step 2: Smudge The Eyeliner With The Help Of Your Finger 

To get the perfect anime eye makeup look, you need to give your eyeliner a more messy look. Just take one fingertip and then rub it back and forth under the eye. 

Step 3: Line The Inside Of Your Eye

The next step is to line the inside of your eye. You should open your eyes wide. Take the pencil to the lower lid. After this, you should touch the pencil to the inside of the portion. Draw a line around it from one corner to another. 

Part 5: Establish A Skin Care Routine

Step1: Wash The Face With An Exfoliant

Exfoliants are important for anime boy makeup. Exfoliants can help in removing the dead skin cells that help your makeup settle better on the face. You should apply some exfoliant but make sure that you do not rub it.

Step 2: Skin Hydration

There are a lot of ways through which you can hydrate the skin. Perhaps the best way is to apply a toner. A toner can help in replenishing your skin. You should get a cotton ball or a cosmetic pad. 

Step 3: Protect The Skin

Skin protection is important. You need to make sure that you protect the skin with the help of a 15 SPF moisturizer. When you apply a moisturizer in the morning, it can help in shielding the skin from the sun. It can also be applied at night. This can help in reducing wrinkles and other annoying marks. 

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Final Words

Creating the right anime boy makeup look is quite easy. But still, you need to make sure that you follow the right steps. Thus, here are the steps that you should follow to create the right anime boy makeup looks. 

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