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12 Best Hair Clips For Fine Hair For 2022 | Makeup Scout


Finding the right hair clip for fine and thin hair is the toughest task. By choosing the right hair clip, you can add that extra grip to avoid your hair from slipping out of the place. If you cannot find the right one, do not fret. 

To help you guys out, Makeup Scout has brought to you a list of the hair clips for thin hair. These hair clips are functional, affordable, and will add a great touch to your everyday look. 

Best Hair Clips For Fine Hair

  1. HairZing Stretchy Banana Hair Clip

HairZing’s banana hair clips for fine hair keep your hairdo in place for a long period. It has rounded thin wire teeth for flexibility and elasticity, and it slides effortlessly into and out of the hair roots. 

The double comb design is extremely stretchy, allowing you to easily cover your hair while also allowing your scalp and hair to breathe. It can withstand a great deal of stress.

In addition, the product is cushioned and does not exert too much strain on the hair. It keeps your hairdo in place all day without slipping, sliding, or creating pain or headaches. This clip works well with both dry and wet hair. Its surface is protected from damage by being covered, coated, and sealed.

Advantages Of HairZing Stretchy Banana Hair Clip

  • Highly durable material
  • Provides a strong grip
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Extremely flexible

Disadvantages Of HairZing Stretchy Banana Hair Clip

  • Loosens with time
  1. DonLeeving Luckycivia 2 Pack Hair Barrette

All hairstyles look great with these hair barrettes for thin hair. They’re pretty long and have a streamlined shape, so they’re ideal for covering your entire head without adding too much weight. 

This hair barrette for thick hair keeps the strands in place without allowing them to fall out. The gold plating adds to their appeal. The stylish and simple style will go with any outfit.

Advantages Of DonLeeving Luckycivia 2 Pack Hair Barrette

  • Highly durable
  • Is completely lightweight
  • Has an elegant design
  • Provides a secure and stronghold

Disadvantages Of DonLeeving Luckycivia 2 Pack Hair Barrette

  • A bit flimsy
  1. HairZing Original Comfy Comb

This hair clip for thick hair ensures comfort and stays in place throughout the day. The hair clip can easily retain your hair without harming it, so there’s no need to re-adjust or loosen it. Its teeth are wide enough to firmly grip the strands. 

They glide easily over your hair roots and lock your hair without causing friction. This hair clip is light, portable, and does not hurt or irritate your head. This hair comb can assist you in creating attractive hairstyles in a matter of seconds.

Advantages Of HairZing Original Comfy Comb

  • Is very lightweight
  • Is snug fit
  • Can be used everyday
  • Is completely gentle
  • Highly comfortable
  • Is durable

Disadvantages Of HairZing Original Comfy Comb

  • Is not easy to align
  1. Scunci No-Slip Grip Jaw Clip

These claw clips for thin hair are a set of three fine hair jaw clips. For as long as you like, the proprietary no-slip grip technology keeps your hair safe and in place. 

The large teeth are surrounded by soft, microscopic silicone ridges that efficiently grip your fine hair and strays. They are soft on your fragile hair, never tugging, sliding, or injuring it. The clip’s clamp closing makes it ideal for everyday use.

Advantages of Scunci No-Slip Grip Jaw Clip

  • Is lightweight
  • Provides comfortable wear
  • Is durable
  • Clamp closure
  • Has a non-slip grip technology
  • No pulling or tugging
  1. RC ROCHE ORNAMENT Women’s Hair Clips

The RC ROCHE ORNAMENT Women’s Hair Clips provide a secure hold without causing damage to the hair. The eyelet design in the shape of a bridge adds flair to your hair. Six hair clips in three different colors are included in the bundle. 

These hair claws for thin hair are composed of high-quality plastic and contain effective springs that help to keep the hair in place. Section styling is possible because of the 16 interlocking teeth. The powerful spring and anti-slip solid grip keep your hair in place. All you have to do to utilize this hair clip set is twist your hair and slide the hair clip in!

Advantages Of RC ROCHE ORNAMENT Women’s Hair Clips

  • Is easy to use
  • Completely lightweight 
  • Provides a stylish look 
  • Provides no hair damage
  • Gives a comfortable grip 
  • Prevents the creasing of your hair
  1. Zhooch Banana Hair Clips 

These best claw clips for fine hair has a strong grip on your hair and stay comfortably on your head. They’re designed in the retro vintage style of the 1970s and 1980s. 

To ensure longevity, these best barrettes for thin hair are manufactured of high-quality plastic. They’re light, utilitarian, stylish, and quite pleasant to wear. The teeth are precisely placed to allow you to style your hair as you choose.

Advantages Of Zhooch Banana Hair Clips 

  • Is convenient to use
  • Sturdy
  • Is quite lightweight
  • Provides a retro vintage style

Disadvantages Of Zhooch Banana Hair Clips 

  • Small in size
  1. Kitiin Claw Clips

These barrette clips for thick hair are constructed of plastic and are designed to hold thin hair in place. They are easy to apply, hold the hair firmly in place, and do not slip, allowing you to experiment with different hairstyles. 

The butterfly pattern lends a touch of elegance to fine hair. These clips are great for everyday use because they are so simple to put on and take off. Two hair clips are included in the set, one in brown and the other in a translucent color.

Advantages Of Kitiin Claw Clips

  • Provides a strong hold
  • Is completely durable
  • Is easy to use
  1. ACCGLORY Strong Hold Black Hair Clips

The ACCGLORY hair clips are ideal for tying back your hair. The package includes five clips in varying sizes (from 1.4 to 4.5 inches) to accommodate thick and fine hair. 

These claw hair clips for fine hair are constructed of fine plastic with a luster finish and sturdy jaws that may be used for a variety of hairstyles. The fangs are long enough to grip lengthy hair and keep it firmly in place. They won’t fall off and will stay on for a long time. These hair clips are exceptionally light, portable, and gentle on the skin.

Advantages Of ACCGLORY Strong Hold Black Hair Clips

  • Is completely lightweight
  • Available in both small and large sizes
  • Provides a good and stronghold
  • Do not slip or slide
  • Is completely comfortable
  • Is manufactured with a fine and strong plastic material

Disadvantages Of ACCGLORY Strong Hold Black Hair Clips

  • Is a bit tough to open
  1. Kitiin Strong Hold Fine Hair Clips

These best barrettes for fine hair are ideal for incorporating thinning, curly, or normal hair into any style. Three claw clips are included in the set, in gray, black, and royal blue. They are made of high-quality resin plastic and are long-lasting. They’re suitable for everyday use because of their robust grip and non-slip properties. People in a rush to get ready for their morning chores would benefit greatly from these videos.

Advantages Of Kitiin Strong Hold Fine Hair Clips

  • Is completely lightweight
  • Large in size
  • Is portable
  • Has a durable plastic material
  • Provides a firm grip
  1. Aileen Claw Hair Clips

These best hair claws for thick hair keep your hair in place and provide a firm grip without hurting it. They contain tortoiseshell patterns and are suitable for all hair types. These claw clips measure 3.3 inches in length, making them long enough to fasten the hair. 

They’re made of acrylic resin and a metal alloy for long-lasting durability and strength. Their teeth are shaped in such a way that they may hold the hair tightly. These clips are appropriate for wearing during parties, on road trips, or a business.

Advantages Of Aileen Claw Hair Clips

  • A good teeth size
  • Provides a strong grip
  • Has a durable material
  • Is completely skin-friendly

Disadvantages Of Aileen Claw Hair Clips

  • May weaken when used frequently
  1. CEOZY Shiny Black Tortoise Hair Barrettes

CEOZY Shiny Black Tortoise Hair Barrettes make tying your hair a breeze. By maintaining regularity, they give the hair a simple, elegant look. Each clip measures 2.6 inches in length and is really comfortable. Because the clips do not pull the strands or impose undue pressure on the head, they do not cause harm to the head and scalp.

Advantages Of CEOZY Shiny Black Tortoise Hair Barrettes

  • Is quite comfortable to use
  • Has an elegant design
  • No pulling or sliding

Disadvantages of CEOZY Shiny Black Tortoise Hair Barrettes

  • Not durable enough
  1. Bella Daisy Flower Snap-On Hair Clips

Bella’s snap-on hair clips have a sweet daisy flower design. They are lightweight and composed of sturdy metal. Each clip measures 2 inches in length and maintains hair in place. They are appropriate for toddlers, young girls, and ladies with fine hair.

Advantages Of Bella Daisy Flower Snap-On Hair Clips

  • Has a metal construction
  • Is easy to use
  • Completely lightweight

Disadvantages Of Bella Daisy Flower Snap-On Hair Clips

  • The color might fade away

Features To Consider When Buying A Hair Clip For Thin Hair

There are a number of features that you should consider when buying the best clips for your thick hair. Thus, below are a few features that you guys should know about. 

  1. Comes In Both Metal And Plastic

There are a number of people who are allergic to plastic. While some are allergic to metal. Therefore, for your own safety and health, it is highly important that you choose the material of your hair clip that will not cause any harm or any allergic reaction and is safe for both your skin and hair. 

According to recent research, we know that metal clips are highly durable, while a plastic clip will break easily. But I know that a plastic clip is way cheaper than metal ones. Thus, you should choose the material that is based on your preference. 

  1. Plain Or Decorative

Numerous hair clip styles are available to cater to the needs of different occasions. If you are buying a hair clip for any special occasion, it is recommended to go for a decorative one. But if you want one for daily wear or office use, choosing a plain one is a better choice. 

  1. Take A Look At The Size

If you are blessed with long silky hair, try using a medium or a large-sized clip. But if you have short hair, choosing a compact or a small clip is the better choice. 

  1. Sets

Make sure that you find out and know how many clips you are getting in a set. A whole hair clip set is a better option when compared to a single piece. 

Numerous hair clips are available in numerous shapes and sizes. But despite their versatility, they all serve different purposes. Below are a few different types of hair clips. 

Different Types Of Hair Clips

  1. Barrette

A barrette clip helps by holding your hair in place. First worn in the mid-19th century, this updated version of the bobby pin has always been on top of the makeup trends. These hair clips are mostly made of plastic or metal and have a decked appearance. 

  1. Alligator Clip

Also known as the crocodile clip, this clip clip has serrated jaws that are specifically designed with a spring one end and it provides a comfortable hold. These hair clips are ideal and best suited for thin hair and are often used by hairdressers when cutting or styling to hold the extra hair. 

  1. Snap Clip

Snap clips are the most popular among women and especially children. These clips come in numerous colors and patterns. They can easily hold your hair strands and can allow you to style your hair the way you want to style them. 

  1. French Clip

These clips are worn in numerous styles, depending on their size obviously. They are the best option for holding thick and long hair and are mostly worn at the beach of the head. 

  1. Jaw Clip

These clips are very flexible, durable, and easy to use. Nicknamed claw clips, these clips have two large teeth attached with the help of a spring. By using claw clips, you can support different hairstyles. 

  1. Condor Clip

These clips have pointed ends that aid by holding your hair in a bun properly. Also considered an extended version of the alligator clips, these hair clips are the perfect option for your thick and long hair. 

Now that we have covered thick hair, scouts with thin hair mustn’t worry, here are a few tips you should follow to choose the best hair accessory clips for your thin hair. 

Tips To Choose The Best Hair Accessory Clips 

  1. The Teeth Must Tightly Overlap

Looking to buy a claw clip for your fine hair, make sure that the gap between the teeth is lesser than usual. 

  1. Search for fine teeth combs

To get the perfect look for your fine thin hair, a comb with fine teeth is the best choice. A comb with fine teeth has more teeth than a regular comb. This makes it efficient and easier to style your hair. 

  1. Try Using Smaller Clips

Using smaller clips is way better than the normal comb. These clips are lighter than you think. They do not slide down and they can hold a really good amount of hair in one place. Larger clips can burden your head and can cause headaches. 

  1. Try Using Anti-Slip Barrettes

Basically, barrettes are highly popular among most ladies. The reason why they are so famous is that they can hold the hair strand in their place without slipping. Their metal grips are protected with rubber layers which provide firmness and prevent hair damage. 

If you have thin hair, going for the straight bar hair barrettes is the best option as they can prevent slipping. Apart from all caution, when picking the hair clips, if they still slip, here is what you should do to make them stay in the hair. 

How Do I Make A Hair Clip Stay In My Hair? 

Pull the hair into a ponytail and make a half-bun. Once you have done this, now put the clip on your hair firmly. This will prevent the clip from slipping and will keep your hair in its place. 

Now spray some hair setting spray to ensure that the hair stays in its place. This will help as well as it will hold back the clips in their place. 

Choose the suitable area on your hair to put the clip. As a recommendation, you can place the clip either on your head’s center or behind the ears, or even near the temple area. Apart from this, whatever spot you feel like where it can stay at its place, you can put it there. 

Make sure that you choose a clip that has a strong grip, when you clip the bun, make sure that it has a secure grip around the bun area. A loose grip might ruin the hairstyle. 

To keep them from slipping, make sure you clip back the appropriate amount of hair. Make sure you take a chunk of hair that is the same width as your clips. This will assist you by providing a solid foundation for the clip.

To avoid slippage, clip back the appropriate amount of hair. Take a hair part that is the same width as your clip. This will serve as a good foundation for a clip to stay in place on your hair throughout the day.

Backcombing and ironing your hair might also help keep your hair clip from sliding down if you’re styling it.

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