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Top 10 Latest Makeup Trends That Anyone Can Easily Pull Off


Are you ready for a new season of styles to fill up your days with colors? 2020 may not be the year that we all expected. But one good thing about this year is its fashion and makeup trends. It is the beginning of a whole new decade bringing with it the ever-stunning makeup looks. Its time to say goodbye to everything we were doing in 2019. No more zero makeup looks! Its time to step up your makeup game with playful vibrant styles and rock the makeup trends 2020. Here are the top 10 new makeup trends that every makeup artist has welcomed with open arms.

1) Makeup With Masks

Unfortunately, we all had to witness a great pandemic this year. People have been forced into self-isolation for months. And now when things are gradually turning back to normal and everything is opening up, we still have one restriction: masks. Face masks have become a crucial part of us this year. But the best thing about us humans is that we know how to adapt to our circumstances. This is exactly what happened with the makeup gurus. They have come with beautiful makeup looks that go with face masks!

Since half the face is covered in masks, people are keeping away from foundations. Else they will smudge their masks. Instead, light BB and CC creams are in trend. Most people, however, are pulling ravishing makeup looks by applying glossy moisturizers only. Along with abandoning the foundations, you also need to abandon your contour, blush, highlighter, and lip color palettes. But don’t be sad about it. We still have the most prominent feature of our faces to play with. The Eyes! (Yay, the ray of hope is there!!) Vivid eye makeups are definitely among the new makeup trends of 2020. Think about dramatic neon eyeshadows, graphic eyeliners, and sultry long eyelashes. That is pretty much enough to light up the soul of any makeup lover.

2) It’s The Time To Glow And Go

After so many years of matte makeup look, we have finally entered the age of gloss. The matte makeup look is old news in 2020. This year the make trends have shifted from matte to glossy. Foundations and makeup setting sprays with dewy finish are the 2020 elan. Owing to this chic makeup look, the contouring palettes are being ditched. And their place is filled with sparkly highlighters. Saying no to contour doesn’t mean we can now do nothing about our potato faces. Of course, we will still go on doing the magic with makeup. It is just that in this new makeup looks, the focus is on highlighting rather than shading. So continue defining and elevating your gorgeous features with a nice highlighter. Focus on the high areas: the cheekbones, forehead, nose bridge, cupid bow area, the chin of course. As more light will reflect from these high areas, the shading will reflect naturally.

The Perfect Highlighters For Dewy Makeup Looks

The 2020 makeup looks are about the glossy finish. Thus, it is preferred by makeup artists to use liquid highlighters as opposed to powder ones. The reason simply is that the powder products end up giving a cakey look which is a big no-no this year. The liquid or cream highlighters are applied all over the face under the foundation to give a more natural glow. We are no more going for an exaggerated makeup look this year.

Is It Time To Dump The Contour Pallete?

Heavy contouring may have gone out of trend. But we do know hard it can be for you all to just let go of your favorite contour palettes. If you are not ready to let it go, then we would suggest you restrict yourself to light contouring only. Make use of the bronzer more to get the beautiful tan. Get cream bronzers for better and more natural-looking results.

3) Lip Color And Contour Makeup Trends 2020

With masks being compulsory in public areas, lipstick and lip gloss seemed to go out from makeup regimes. But hey, we are not wearing a mask all the time. I mean think about your zoom meetings. Well, you can wear a lip color then. Also, the transparent face masks have been introduced into the market hinting to the fact the for lipsticks the game is once again on. So, let’s now talk about the lipstick trends for 2020.

Plumping the lips with matte lip pencil outlines is the new cool. Wait, did we just say outlining lips? Nostalgic vibes from the 90’s makeup looks are hitting everyone as outlining the lips before applying lip color trend is back. The lip colors preferred nowadays are the glossy ones as the glossy center makes the lips look full.

As for which colors are in, well in 2020 you can witness two opposite colors. On one hand, the nude lip color palettes have become a sweetheart of most makeup artists. But on the other hand, bright red lips shades are also back. Spicey! According to what Harper’s Bazar magazine has reported, the red lips have become the new makeup look of many fashion divas this year. Many makeup artists call the red lipstick a fashion accessory instead of a makeup product, which gives the ultimate glamour. This is the one lip color that goes perfectly well with every skin complexion and tone. So get ready beauties to restock your makeup bags with the statement red lipsticks to get the dazzling everyday makeup looks.

4) Shimmery Glossy Eye Makeup Looks

We always say that there is nothing like too much sparkle. Some may want to disagree but the makeup trends 2020 are definitely not in league with them. This year’s makeup looks are all about vibrant color and brilliant shimmers. Also, the subtle smoky eyes are a nothing-burger. This year, trendy makeup ranks have been secured by glossy eyeshadows and glittery shades. And of course, don’t forget about our beloved pastel and neon makeup palettes. This year the euphoria makeup looks are also à la mode.

Euphoria Makeup

Euphoria makeup basically refers to the iconic make looks of the characters of the American TV show Euphoria. The top 3 Euphoria makeup looks are edgy eyes, watercolor eyeshadows, and glitter tears. All three looks, in essence, are monochrome eyeshadow looks.

  • Edgy Eyes

To do the edgy eye makeup, first of all, prep the eyes. Then take a bright color from your eyeshadow palette on a small compact brush. The small brush gives more control and helps in drawing the perfect corners essential for this makeup look. Daw a small triangle in the inner corner. The triangle should be such that it’s one corner that should make the eye’s inner corner. The second corner should be until just before the middle of the lash line and the third right above it. Dram a similar triangle in the outer corner too but keep the gap unfilled in the center of the eyelid. Choose another bright color and apply it close to the lower lashline. Then blend it just a little with a fluffy brush. For extra booze, you can apply a bold colored mascara.

  • Watercolor Eyeshadows

The watercolor eye makeup look has made its debut this year. It has already secured its position in the fashion world. This aesthetic eye makeup has literally turned the eyes into a canvas on which anyone can play with charming colors. Doing this makeup look requires only one simple technique: time to get messy! Pack some eyeshadow on your brush and intensify its color by rubbing it in a drop of clear lip gloss. Then pop up the eyeshadow on the eyelids through little circular strokes of your brush. Spread the color all over the eyelids in small circles. Once you are done, take the same brush and smudge the remaining color in it around your eyes. This will give you the effect of water closh splashed on the eyes makeup look.


In this makeup look, there is going to be no mascara or eyeliner. But if you want to, you can use clear mascara to lift your lashes. The colors you use in this makeup look are the muted shades only. Think of pastel colors in your palette. Yes, this definitely means that you will have to ditch the pretty browns. But can we say?! Afterall makeup trends 2020 are all about colors.

  • Glitter Tears

Glitters are the most popular among makeup looks of 2020. The surreal euphoria glitter tears inspired by Jules’ look from Euphoria is the heart-throb of this year’s makeup trends. The zero makeup look combined with glittery tears is to die for. All you need to do is follow the zero makeup regimen. Put some purple and blue eyeshadow in the lower lash line area. Bend in some pin too. Then go on to apply face glue under the eyes in the shape of the flowing tears. With the help of a flat brush, stick some glitter to the glue. Ta-da!

5) Twinkle Twinkle Little Spark

They say that sometimes ‘too much is never’. Well, we don’t know about other things but it definitely is the case when it comes to shimmers and sparkles in makeup. The glitters, the shimmer, and the metallic eyeshadows are all so voguish. No more people are settling for natural makeup looks. They are rather enhancing their makeup game with the metallic eyeshadows. The monochrome makeup for eyes is what you need to try next.

For this makeup look definitely, you need to get metallic cream eyeshadows. They have many mica flakes in them. These flakes give a sheer shine to eyes when applied. These metallic shades are also used to color highlight the cheekbones by those who like to go extra with their makeup look.

6) Bold Eyeliners

The new natty eyeliner looks are based on bold eyeliners. The metallic yellow, electric blue, or emerald green eyeliners are the new cool. With these colorful eyeliners, you can create thick lines. Or you can try graphic liner looks too. One of our personal favorites is the chic graphic eye makeup look where you draw a crease and a small wing with bold metallic eyeliner. Another popular colored eyeliner look is the one that goes under the eye. Think that your usual winged eyeliner needs an update? Try this one then. In this makeup look, you need to draw the same winged eyeliner, but just in the under-eye areas. Wicked, right?!

7) Winged Or Not?

There is some good news for people who have always struggled with perfect eyeliner. The statement cat eyes or flawless winged eyeliners are almost a history now. Their place is occupied by the feathery eyeliner makeup looks. To create this look, go on to apply eyeliner as you always have. Then take a small fluffy brush to smudge it. Since now you will have to smudge the eyeliner, liquid eyeliners need to take their leave. Get eye pencils or gel eyeliners to achieve this intriguing makeup look. Creamy eyeshadows can also be used to do this style.

8) The Floating Graphic Eyeliners

If you are a big eyeliner fan and are looking for a way to mix things up then its definitely the time to try the floating graphic eyeliner makeup look. This look can be pulled off using a variety of shapes and shades. One of the top favorites is the white floating graphic eyeliner. But don’t shy away from trying other bright colors. Just start by drawing any of your favorite shapes just above the crease line. For a bold eye makeup look, you can trace your eye’s upper lid with a white eyeliner and flick it towards the outer corner. The result is utterly gorgeous. This liner can be combined with other subtle makeup looks such as watercolor or pastel shadow eye makeup looks.

Other Graphic Eyeliner Looks

The other major graphic eyeliner trends that are popping up this year include the full cat-eye or the block eye look. In the former, a thick liner is used to create wings at both ends of the eyes to get a cat-eye look. It is a dramatic eyeliner makeup look. But if you are uncomfortable trying it, then the block eye is definitely for you. Prep a nude eye and draw a rectangle starting from the corner of the eye to the other. Ah, sassy!

9) Soft Brows

Over the past few years, we have seen that the brows were made bigger and fuller. The perfect full arches had been the ideal makeup looks in 2019. Well, that has definitely changed this year. Now instead of going for big Instagram brows, people are shifting to more natural-looking eyebrows. Also, the stray hair has become part of the new makeup looks. This clearly means that this year we may see no trimming eyebrows, no filling eyebrows, and no perfect arches. Just brush your eyebrow hair into a messy look and you are good to go. The latest runaway makeup looks show that the makeup artists are focusing only on filling the eyebrows with nearly nude browns and on giving eyebrows a fluffed-up feathery look. This new messy eyebrow is so popular that people are getting microbladed unruly eyebrows. And with micro-blading becoming so common, there is one thing we are sure about: this trend is not going anywhere any time soon!

10) Rosy Cheeks

If you are not used to wearing blush, 2020 makeup looks are certainly going to mix things up for you. This year, pink rosy cheeks have seen a resurgence in popularity. Think about the porcelain dolls or barbies with sheer pink cheeks. Yes, that is what we are talking about. This makeup look can seriously intensify or mute your overall makeup. According to many makeup artists, a pink blush is all about making your face look brighter and fresher. The goal is to pick a shade close to your natural color when you have a flush. This is why while choosing your perfect shade you need to consider only two things: your skin tone and your skin type.

Makeup looks and trends are never constant. They evolve each year to gift us new and unique makeup looks or take us back in time. The 2020 makeup trends are basically taking us back from the age of Instagram beauty to 90s runway shows. Glossy makeup look, bright red lipsticks, soft eyebrows, and pink cheeks, all have nostalgic vibes. Well, one thing we can safely assure you s that if you have been relying on the same makeup look routine, then it is a new decade to try on new rocking makeup trends. Try out these new makeup trends of 2020. Afterall they just focus on giving you healthy-looking naturally bright skin. Isn’t that what we have always wanted?!

Our Top Picks For This Year

Our definite top makeup looks picks are glossy makeup looks, red lipsticks, bright eyeshadows, and graphic eyeliners. These makeup trends are for sure to die for. These give the extra punch that we have always wanted. As for the eyebrow trends, although we loved making our eyebrows look bushy until last year, we are definitely up for some change.

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    this is so cool! especially the makeup with mask thing. I think it indeed is the new trend.


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